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Values that combine - stylishly and enchantingly

Lace is a sensual experience, a desirable fabric that stands the tests of centuries 

In the middle of Germany, in one of the most traditional textile regions, our luxurious masterpieces are made of finest lace and embroidery. It is not lifestyle or any passing fashions that motivate us but rather the demand to create table and bed linen in an unsurpassed quality and timeless elegance. Our creations are based on our experience of many years, enthusiasm and passion for the craft of embroidery.

Preserving an artistic tradition that will also be enjoyed by future generations 

With her sensitive flair for luxurious creations and perfect lacework the company’s owner, Heike Peter, has been forging the distinctive weissfee style for more than thirty years. In this she is supported by her team, who realize her designs with the utmost dedication and in the most exquisite quality, expertly fusing modern technologies and intricate needlework.

Elegance and luxurious fabrics of deluxe quality for our demanding clientele worldwide – made in Germany

A love of inherited lace-making traditions and a sense for artistic needlework stand out in the forefront of every product range. The sumptuous use of gold thread, aesthetically embroidered linen and lace perfectly applied by hand, are a demonstration of the fabulous luxuriousness of weissfee home couture craftsmanship.

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